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STEEL CONTAINERS are generally used for quick, easy storage solutions, these containers are affordable, readily available and are great for keeping your goods safe at a reasonable price.

ALUMINUM CONTAINERS are sometimes available in as-is condition at discounted prices but are becoming more rare due to their age, most aluminum dry van containers have been obsolete for over 30 years.

INSULATED CONTAINERS are used for goods that require a steady temperature or a storage unit that needs to be kept at a moderate temperature, or simply used as a great storage unit that does not get too hot or cold, especially in areas that have severe temperature changes. These units are a little more costly but are excellent in storing items that need to be heated, cooled or kept at a moderate year around temperature. These are basically refrigerated containers that no longer are in working condition and the chilling unit is either left in place or removed. These units are available in 20’ standard or 40’ high cube sizes. These units are constructed of aluminum or steel exterior sheeting, high density foam insulation, interior stainless steel walls, aluminum t-bar flooring and a steel frame. These units are sold in different qualities of conditions depending upon customers’ needs.

REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS, same construction as above are used primarily for frozen storage, these units have high capacity cooling units that require a generator or high voltage connection. These units are available in 20’ standard or 40’ high cube sizes. These units are sold used and in as is condition. They are pretripped by a refrigeration mechanic before sale to insure that they are in working condition but are sold as-is. New units can be ordered but are much more costly than used units.

Custom and specialty containers: Available upon request. Custom containers can be ordered and built for you. Specialty containers such as flat racks or pre-fabricated offices/homes can be ordered.

ALL STANDARD LENGTH CONTAINERS AVAILABLE, and we can CUSTOM build you anything you might need.

20′ containers 40′ containers 45′ containers 53′ containers

The most economical and commonly ordered NEW AND USED containers are:

• 20′ standard height new or used containers • 40′ standard or high cube new or used containers



NEW CONTAINERS or one trip containers are used once when on the way from their manufacturers in china to us port cities, this allows the containers to be purchased at an affordable price. These containers are constructed of corten steel, have new wooden floors and freshly painted by the manufacturer. These units are used once and loaded and unloaded by shippers and consignees and are as new as you can get. There are often minor imperfections due to wear and tear such as scuffs, minor dings and floor wear from forklifts, so even though you order a new container, there will most likely be a minimal amount of noticeable wear and tear on your container when it arrives, we always strive to pick out the cleanest units when our customers choose to order new/one-trip units. The average age of these containers is 0-2 years old.

USED CONTAINERS are generally sold in a few different conditions and their prices will vary depending upon how used they are and in which grade you purchase. All used containers are going to have minor to a significant amount of wear and tear and even damage. These containers are heavily used commercially, loaded to their maximum capacities and shipped around the world in extreme conditions. The basic guidelines for different conditions are outlined below:

1. A GRADE / IICL5 CERTIFIED: premium used container, can be readily certified for shipping, ready to be picked up and transported to the next location. You can expect a container that is ready to use for shipping or storage, it will most likely have dings, dents, scuffs, wear and tear but it will appear to be in decent operating condition, be readily useable to store your goods and keep them dry. The floors and cargo doors will be in good working order and the container will not be heavily damaged. This grade is still a used container and customers should always inspect the container fully when received and maintain container as needed, even though this is a premium used quality container and it should have less wear and tear issues it may still need to be maintained, including making sure that low spots in the roof are addressed as needed (see below in wind and watertight containers description) remember, this is a used piece of equipment and if you are really picky and want a really nice looking container, go with a new or refurbished container and not a used container. Average age of these containers is 7-12 years old.  If you intend on using an IICL or CARGO WORTHY container to ship over seas, you should indicate that to your sales person so that they can order you a certification for shipping, this service is usually an additional $100 and the certification is good for up to one year and is renewable.

2. CARGO WORTHY AND WIND AND WATERTIGHT CONTAINERS: these units are a step below the a grade/iicl5 units. These units are more used, have seen a lot more time on the water and will usually have more dings, dents, scuffs and scratches. The CARGO WORTHY grade usually has minor to a medium amount of damage but the unit is certified not to have holes in the roof or siding, therefore being wind and watertight, and suitable for your goods to be stored without getting wet.  CARGO WORTHY condition is a step above the only WIND AND WATERTIGHT condition containers.  The WIND AND WATERTIGHT only grade may have even more dents or low spots in the roof that you may want to address.  Dents can be repaired or pushed out or up with a floor jack and a wooden or steel beam.  Repairing roof dents is necessary so that condensation does not build up in the low spots.  Even though this grade is wind and watertight, it will not leak from rain, but low spots on the roof can condensate and drip moisture resulting in mold damage to contents. All low spots should be addressed by the customer to insure against moisture build up and dripping. These units should have working doors and the floors are usable but may be in rough condition. Average age of these containers is 10-25 years old.

3. AS-IS CONTAINERS- The name says it all, these are containers that are sold as-is, we pick them up from the port and take them to you. These units generally are cheaper by a few hundred dollars and are in need repairs, have damage, rough condition floors and doors. There are usually as-is containers that are better and worse condition but we usually sell them at discounted prices for those customers that use them as fence lines, cut them up for projects or are willing to perform minor to major repairs. The doors and floors are usually in rough condition and these containers generally have more damage. These containers can usually range in age 10 – 25+ years old.

4. REFURBISHED CONTAINERS- these are generally (a grade) used containers that are repaired as needed, inspected and have their exteriors repainted and interior paint touched up. To have a unit refurbished will generally add $500 to the price of a used 20’ container and $1000 to the price of a 40’ container. A great rule of thumb within the industry is that if you want a 20’ container refurbished, you will only save a few hundred dollars vs. The price of a new 20’ container. If you want a 40’ container refurbished, you will most likely save about $1500-$2000 vs. The price of a new 40’ container.

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